U.S. Fire Chiefs Learn Lessons at High-Rise Fire Conference in Minneapolis

– Last week, Chief Ron Siarnicki, Executive Director of the NFFF, participated in the Firehouse High-Rise Fire and Life Safety Summit in Minneapolis, MN. Fire Chiefs and Fire Marshalls from around the country gathered for in-depth discussions on current and proposed fire codes, fire protection systems and manual fire suppression efforts.  READ

Checking In

NFFF Launches Podcast Series on Behavioral Health

– “Checking In: A Behavioral Health Size-Up” was created to help firefighters, their families and health-care providers better understand the behavioral health challenges and needs of firefighters. » Listen: Checking In: A Behavioral Health Size-Up READ

New Partnership makes Annual Physicals a Priority

– To lead this effort, the First Responder Center for Excellence for Reducing Occupational Illness, Injuries and Deaths, Inc. and the Safety, Health and Survival Section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs announce a new partnership at FRI in Charlotte, NC. READ

Cardiac Enlargement in U.S. Firefighters

New research links enlarged heart to sudden cardiac events among firefighters

– It’s widely acknowledged in the fire service that cardiac events account for roughly 45 percent of all firefighter line-of-duty deaths. Autopsy reports showed many of these incidents occurred... READ

Checking In Episode 1

Checking In Episode 1 – Series Introduction

– This podcast provides an overview of behavioral health and is geared toward anyone looking to find out more about the issues surrounding stress injury and PTSD with our first responders. READ

Checking In - Episode 2

Checking In Episode 2 – Leadership

– A panel of experts discusses the role of team leaders in fire departments in recognizing and dealing with stress injury or PTSD with their team members. This podcast challenges leaders to take a proactive role in providing behavioral health services in their department.  READ

Checking In Episode 3

Checking In Episode 3 – PTSD Self Awareness

– This podcast discusses how firefighters can help each other cope with behavioral health issues and the importance of discussing behavioral health treatments and interventions. READ

Checking In Episode 4

Checking In Episode 4 – Peer Support

– Interview with Captain Greg Burns, Howard County Fire & Rescue discussing behavioral health training and the importance of first responders being trained in helping each other through peer support training and other types of training. READ

Checking In Episode 5

Checking In Episode 5 – Clinical Support

– A panel of experts discusses clinical support and its role in providing behavioral health support to first responders. This podcast includes an interview with Division Chief Scott Heiss, Denver Fire Department, about their newly implemented behavioral health wellness center. READ

2017 Virginia Fire Officer Academy Celebrates 10th Anniversary Program

– The theme of the Virginia Fire Officer Academy is Safety through Leadership and is based upon the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation's 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives and the Everyone Goes Home® Program. READ