FireRescue1 launches What Firefighters Want 2024 survey

FireRescue1 launches What Firefighters Want 2024 survey

– FireRescue1 launched its annual What Firefighters Want survey, with this year’s theme focused on strengthening fire department leadership at all levels, plus how firefighters are taking ownership of their career development even amid a perceived lack of leadership at their agency. READ

Lt. Nathan Flynn & BC Josh Laird Combined Training Program

Lt. Nathan Flynn & BC Josh Laird Combined Training Program

– On Thursday, August 3, 2023, the Frederick County and Howard County Departments of Fire and Rescue hosted the first combined training program to bring the findings from the fire to the fire service’s attention.  READ

New Virtual Reality Experience Tests Users’ Fire Safety Skills

– In partnership with Meta, FEMA’s Ready Campaign, the Ad Council and the U.S. Fire Administration co-launched a new virtual reality experience promoting fire safety awareness. READ

National Firefighter Registry

Join the National Firefighter Registry

– The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is excited to share the National Firefighter Registry, the largest existing effort to understand and reduce cancer risk among firefighters. READ

Common Voices Releases Video on Anniversary of NYC’s Watts Street Fire

– Common Voices, a fire safety advocacy coalition, released a video today featuring Vina Drennan sharing her thoughts on how she turned her personal tragedy into advocacy. Vina is the widow of Captain John Drennan, one of three firefighters who died in the line of duty as a result of the Watts Street Fire in New York City on March 28, 1994.  READ

First Responder Wellness Week: 5 Days of Health and Wellness

– During First Responder Wellness Week, each day will focus on a different topic, providing videos, webinars, articles, podcasts and more.  READ

Truman Fire Forum Report

Read the Latest Truman Fire Forum Report

– The fourth and final Truman Fire Forum convened in August of 2022 to mark the 75th anniversary of President Harry S. Truman’s National Conference on Fire Prevention. The various strategies implemented since 1947 have significantly reduced deaths in all occupancies, except residences. Outreach efforts to reduce civilian home fire deaths are making a difference but fall short of saving more lives. The 2022 attendees provided recommendations on the next steps at the federal, state, and local levels; they also offered recommendations on the role of private enterprises and non-governmental organizations in community risk reduction efforts. And, perhaps most important of all, the attendees challenged each of us to take individual actions to carry President Truman’s legacy forward for the next generation. » Truman Report Resources READ

Fire Stop Tour, January 10-12, 2023

– The U.S Fire Administrator and principal leaders from the American fire service, in partnership with the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), the Philadelphia Fire Department, and the Washington, D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, will stand together on Jan. 10‑12 to speak with one voice to address the fire problem facing our nation. » Watch the Summit Replay READ

The Life and Death of FDNY Firefighter Carmelo Puccia: A New Podcast from NFFF

– FDNY Firefighter Carmelo “Carmine” Puccia was killed tragically on January 6, 1970, when he was struck by a subway train while investigating a trash fire on the tracks. The podcast is a two-part installment and tells Firefighter Puccia’s story through the recollections of the two groups most affected by his loss: his family and his department. Viewers and listeners will gain insight into Firefighter Puccia as a husband, father, and firefighter—and witness FDNY’s solid determination that we will never forget. READ

Boyd Street: NFFF’s Compelling New Documentary

– The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation announces the release of Boyd Street, created in partnership with the Los Angeles City Fire Department and Full Vision Productions.  READ