Success Story



One Step at a Time

Rituals with Laura Ling is a series that takes viewers on a journey through the psyche and habits of extraordinary individuals to find out how they survive, thrive, and gain focus. This episode shares the ritual of Greg Collaco, a San Francisco fireman who uses stair climbing to fight PTSI.

Initiative 6: Saving Our Own

During the winter months, our members gather once a month on a Sunday, to have an extra one hour’s worth of training for the week and share a meal together at the kitchen table at the firehouse. I share this today with you as one of these trainings paid off educationally and became enlightening to all and empowered our Fire Chief to do something that will no doubt enhance the lives of all of our members.

Courage to Be Safe® Course Held at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base, Romania

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s (NFFF) Courage to Be Safe® (CTBS) training was conducted for the first time in a deployed location. This course was held on October 22 – 23, 2014 at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base (MKAB) in Romania. It was also the first Courage to Be Safe® course held in the U.S. Air Forces in Europe Major Command.

Showing the Fire Service That It’s More Than Just Seatbelts

While forming a committee to achieve a goal may not seem like an original idea, the Illinois Firefighter Life Safety Task Force is an exception. This unique group, representing all branches of the fire service, comes to the table with one common goal: to advocate for firefighter safety. The result is a successful approach to… Read more »

An Eveyone Goes Home® Success Story: How the Life Safety Initiatives Saved My Life

Four years ago, based on the publication of the Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives, our department applied for and was fortunate enough to receive an AFG grant for a Firefighter Health, Fitness, and Wellness program. As part of the grant, we were able to offer our firefighters a full slate of medical tests and screenings giving our department a starting baseline.

An Eveyone Goes Home® Success Story: Reflecting on Positive Change

There is no greater achievement for an educator than to identify and witness behavioral changes in a student whom you have influenced and educated. If and when that lifelong dream comes to fruition, one can personally acknowledge that in a way, their beliefs, challenges and efforts have come full circle.