7. Research Agenda


Create a national research agenda and data collection system that relates to the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives.

In response to the need to improve firefighter safety, The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has hosted two research agenda symposiums, one in 2005 and 2011.

The National Fire Service Research Agenda is an effort to identify particular areas in which research is needed to contribute to the mission of supporting the Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives of the Everyone Goes Home Program® (NFFF). The resulting document is intended to assist the many different organizations and individuals that have a role in conducting, supporting and encouraging research projects to focus their efforts and resources on the areas that have been identified as important and significant by a group that represents the diverse interests and priorities of the fire service—all with the overarching goal of eliminating preventable firefighter line-of-duty-injuries and fatalities.

Communication with all fire departments in clear and concise ways is critical to improving the safety of firefighters. Acknowledging the need for research and data was an important step for the fire service to take in 2004. Now it is critical that the identified research be conducted, the results be transferred and implemented at the local levels. This is the only way that research will impact the life safety of firefighters and the communities they serve.

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