16. Apparatus Design & Safety


Safety must be a primary consideration in the design of apparatus and equipment.

Today’s fire service leaders whether they are fire chiefs, other chief fire officers, equipment committees, or equipment manufacturers have a vested interest and a legal responsibility to provide for the safety of firefighters. Yet, each day these groups struggle with the issue of preventable firefighter injuries and deaths, and the need to incorporate safety as a primary consideration in the design of fire service apparatus and equipment.

New technologies and innovations are available that can significantly reduce the potential for injury and deaths related to fire service apparatus and equipment failures or shortcomings. It is important to understand, and explore the technologies and innovations available today. We must also consider the best practices that can be implemented to improve fire fighter safety, thereby reducing the potential for injury and death.

The 16th Initiative ratifies the belief that no firefighter should die in the line-of-duty due to apparatus or equipment-related issues.

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