After Action Review

The first step in observing stress in firefighters and EMS personnel begins with at the “back step” or kitchen table where every call and response is discussed.

Based on the military principles of reviewing every activity, AAR is becoming widely accepted in the fire service. Our NFFF motto, “Everytime Wheels Roll” means just that – after every training exercise, every call, every time firefighters and EMTs are performing their duties, five simple questions are asked:

1. What was our mission?
2. What went well?
3. What could have gone better?
4. What might we have differently?
5. Who needs to know?

AAR is delivered by the NFFF as an online module, compete with a test, and an immediately printable certificate of completion. The AAR module features Lieutenant General Robert Schmidle of the US Marine Corps who speaks of the value of AAR. His comments inform the kitchen table discussion by of the East Hartford (CT) Fire Department who demonstrate how they approach AAR and explain its value.

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