Everyone Goes Home – Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives

Everyone Goes Home® strives to prevent firefighter line‑of‑duty deaths and injuries.

In March 2004, a Firefighter Life Safety Summit was held to address the need for change within the fire service. At this summit, the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives were created and a program was born to ensure that Everyone Goes Home.

Our goal is to help the U.S. Fire Administration achieve its objective of reducing the number of preventable firefighter fatalities.

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Everyone Goes Home® – Wildfire Listening Sessions The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation recently hosted six regional listening sessions for stakeholders across the country, to explore questions, answers, and approaches to the problem of reducing wildland fire line-of-duty deaths and injuries.
Attributes of Leading Train-the-Trainer to Be Held at Firehouse World Using the newly produced National Fallen Firefighters Foundation video series “Attributes of Leading,” Kevin Conant and Brian Crandall will offer an a new course during Firehouse World 2018.
Apply to Be an Everyone Goes Home® Advocate The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s Everyone Goes Home® program is encouraging firefighters to apply for Everyone Goes Home® advocate positions in each state to promote the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives and to reduce firefighter LODDs and injuries.
It’s Time for a Hero Campaign Marks Burn Awareness Week The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is proud to join The Phoenix Society during Burn Awareness Week 2018 to empower burn survivors, to show burn survivors as positive role models, and to raise awareness and acceptance by sharing the real-life stories of those recovering from a burn injury. In the movies we watch, characters with burn… Read more »