Departments That are 100% Compliant With the International First Responder Seatbelt Pledge

Setting an Example for the First Responders Everywhere – It’s All About Responsibility

Congratulations to these fire and EMS departments for achieving 100% compliance with the International First Responder Seatbelt Pledge! These departments serve as an excellent example to other public safety agencies around the world.

If your department has not taken the International First Responder Seatbelt Pledge, please take a moment learn more about the program and to download and sign the pledge form today! Once you have taken the pledge to wear your seatbelt, please contiue to support our efforts by spreading the to neighboring departments in your area. Together we can ensure that Everyone Goes Home!

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Northwood Volunteer Fire and Rescue

Northwood, Iowa

2nd Assistant Chief Mark Halbach

Johnson County Ambulance

Iowa City, Iowa

Director Steve Spenler

West Burlington Fire Department

West Burlington, Iowa

Lenny Sanders

Urbandale Fire Department

Urbandale, Iowa

Fire Chief Jerry Holt

Southeastern Community College

West Burlington, Iowa

Fire Science Program Students

Sioux City Fire Rescue

Sioux City, Iowa

Captain Gerald L. Bennett

Ottumwa Fire Department

Ottumwa, Iowa

Chief Steve O’Connor

North Liberty Fire Department

North Liberty, Iowa

Health and Safety Officer Ryan Brumm

Long Grove Fire Department

Long Grove, Iowa

Chief Keith Louck

Ames Fire Department

Ames, Iowa

Deputy Chief Rich Higgins