Line-of-Duty Death Prevention, Firefighter Behavioral Health and Community Risk Reduction Courses

Fire Hero Learning Network

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation provides training to prevent firefighter LODDs and injuries, for community risk reduction, to enhance firefighter behavioral health, and to prepare departments for a LODD.

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Everyone Goes Home® Training

Courage to Be Safe®

This course is a provocative and moving presentation by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, through the Everyone Goes Home® Program, that is designed to change the culture of accepting the loss of firefighters as a normal occurrence.

Leadership So Everyone Goes Home

A course of the Everyone Goes Home® Program of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
designed to assist in the reduction of LODDs utilizing a series of case studies.

Leadership, Accountability, Culture, Knowledge (LACK)

Is your department on the path to a LODD? This compelling presentation by the National Fallen Firefighter Foundations examines the root causes of LODD’s and the role of Leadership, Accountability, Culture and Knowledge as it influences the end result.

After Action Review (AAR)

Conducting an after-action review, or debrief, enables crew members to analyze what happened, why it happened during an incident and what improvements can be made.

Community Risk Reduction (CRR)

The NFFF has partnered with Vision 20-20 to assess the current state of Community Risk Reduction (CRR) throughout the United States by conducting a nationwide survey to determine how fire departments are using the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives to advance CRR. Based on the results, a model management program has been developed by 12 demonstration departments who were selected for their long-standing commitment to CRR.

Behavioral Health Training – First Responder Center for Excellence

At the conclusion of this course, students will understand the elements of the new model and begin the planning process of incorporating them into their fire and EMS service.

Create Change in the Fire Service

From the Fire Hero Learning Network, this module is a roundtable discussion between five fire service leaders about how to create change in the fire service and lead a culture of safety.

Other Fire Service Training

Other Fire Service Training

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation offers a variety of training for the fire service including courses on: community risk reduction, firefighter behavioral health, firefighter LODD prevention, and LODD preparedness.

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