Phase II of Line of Duty Death and Injury Reduction Study Completed

– Phases I and II of this study, done through Oklahoma State University, International Fire Service Training Association and Fire Protection Publications and funded by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and the Public Entity Risk Institute, looks to establish "best practices" and an Organizational Safety Culture (OSC) for the American Fire Service in order to reduce line-of-duty deaths and injuries. READ

Take a Fire Safety Education Survey for a Chance to Receive Smoke & CO Alarms for Your Department

– The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is posting this announcement on the behalf of Kidde to help improve the fire safety education resources available to departments like yours. READ

Research Looks Into Traumatic Stress in Firefighting, Benefits the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

– Bill Heusler, a clinical psychology graduate student, is conducting his doctoral research on psychological traumatic stress in firefighters and firefighter/paramedics. READ

The Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Program Presents the Facilitation Skills Workshop & the Initiatives Implementation Workshop

– The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation's Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Program is pleased to announce two new programs; the "Facilitation Skills Workshop" and the "Initiatives Implementation Workshop". READ

A Resolution by the Metro Atlanta Fire Chiefs Association

– Metro Atlanta Fire Chiefs Association resolves to support the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives and to support the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation's Everyone Goes Home® campaign. READ

Firefighter Health, Safety and Survival Online Database Launched

– The Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Program is pleased to announce the launch of the Life Safety Initiatives Research Database. For the first time, anyone interested in researching firefighter safety & survival (and other allied fields) will have a comprehensive on-line database as a resource. READ

New Jersey Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Program to Hold Showing of Critically-Acclaimed Documentary

– The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation®, the Five Mile Beach Volunteer Firemen's Association, and the Everyone Goes Home® Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Program and New Jersey Society of Fire Service Instructors today announced it would hold a community showing of the critically acclaimed documentary, "Into the Fire." The film, as seen on The History Channel®, is an inspiring and educational journey that takes viewers inside the lives of America's firefighters. READ

Time to Stand Up and Be Accounted For

– The article titled "Fire Loss in the United States During 2005" published in the September 2006 issue of the NFPA Journal, stated "with home fire deaths still accounting for 3,030 fire deaths or 82% of all civilian deaths, fire safety initiatives targeted at the home remain the key to any reductions in the overall fire death toll." READ

Virginia Fire Officers Academy Presents “Safety Through Leadership”

– In conjunction with the Virginia Fire Officer's Academy, the Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Program (a program of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation) is presenting a Safety Through Leadership resident training course this summer.  READ

1 More Killed 3 More Injured: Flaw in Our First Line of Defense

– Firefighter Joe Torkos (LODD) was ejected from the Engine he was driving when it was struck by an SUV at an intersection. The officer, also ejected, and two firefighters were injured. READ