“The Buck Stops Here” – Improving Firefighter and Community Safety

More than 70 years later, Truman’s legacy lives on in the form of the Truman Fire Service Working Group. The group’s members are dedicated to preventing fires, advocating for safe communities, and preventing firefighter line-of-duty (LODD) deaths. The report from the Truman Working Group and its partner the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation focuses on promoting firefighter and community safety.

Truman Fire Forum Report Released Truman Fire Forum Report

The Truman Fire Forum Report reflects the work that was done from the 17th Annual Truman Legacy Symposium and Fire Forum held in Key West, Florida, in May 2019.

Historic Event added to the Congressional Record

The 17th Annual Harry S. Truman Legacy Symposium and Fire Forum, which revisited Truman’s 1947 National Conference on Fire Prevention, was entered into the Congressional Record on May 23, 2019.

The Truman Fire Forum

At the Truman Fire Forum on May 7. 2019, three days of events concluded with an agreement on five priorities for the fire service to attack in an effort to make our nation a safer place to live.

Watch Highlights of the 17th Annual Truman Legacy Symposium

72-years, to the day, after President Harry S. Truman appeared before his 1947 National Conference on Fire Prevention, fire service leaders and others again gathered to discuss many of the same important issues. This time, as part of the annual Truman Legacy Symposium in Florida. Watch highlights from yesterday’s (May 6, 2019) events.