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The Silent Killer: Firefighter Cancer

You’ve heard the advice from experts about preventing cancer: Put your face mask on when you’re going into a fire and keep it on during overhaul. Wash your hood and your turn-out gear after an incident. Shower when you return to the station. Do you do these things or do you keep your gear salty and give in to peer-pressure?

The shortest route to fewer firefighter deaths is through the heart

Recently, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation hosted “Heart to Heart,” a two-day conference that brought together leading researchers in the area of firefighter health and fitness, fire service leaders, physicians and advocates to discuss strategies for helping firefighters embrace a healthier lifestyle. The goal is to lose fewer firefighters each year due to heart attacks.

Cancer in the Fire Service

A growing group of U.S. firefighters are connected beyond the usual camaraderie of the fire service and the passion for their work. These are firefighters with cancer.

Boston fire commissioner & union president talk about cancer video

In May of this year (2015) the Boston Fire Department released a video about the impact of cancer on Boston firefighters and their families. During the Fire Service Occupational Cancer Alliance Meeting in Northern Virginia, Fire Commissioner Joe Finn and Local 718 president Richard Paris talked with NFFFTV about the impact of the video.

A young firefighter’s story about cancer

Kyle Jameson saw his doctor for a routine physical. The lymphoma they detected took everyone by surprise. It’s not typical of healthy young men. They soon realized it was due to the exposure to multiple toxins from fighting fires. Watch this video to hear his story.