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PIOs: New NFFF App Helps Keep Community & Firefighters Safe Be a Hero, Save a Hero® App

The new Be a Hero, Save a Hero® mobile app from the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) can help your community stay safe with valuable fire prevention information, special weather and seasonal notifications, and more. It’s available now for you to share with the public as you remind them to change their smoke alarm batteries… Read more »

Fire Organizations Applaud Florida Governor Scott for Veto HB 653

HB 653 would have allowed high–rise buildings in Florida without adequate fire and life safety systems to forego the retrofit of fire sprinklers and/or engineered life safety systems in these buildings that are currently required to come into compliance by 2020.

Help us save Maryland lives! NOW!

Some Maryland lawmakers want to gut the state’s mandatory residential sprinkler law. It’s an enormous step backwards that will cost lives. As firefighters, we need to let the delegates and senators know what we know about sprinklers. They need to understand that a vote for House Bill 19 means people will be injured and die in homes that should have been sprinklered. Watch this video and listen to the message from Sher Grogg, whose brother, sister-in-law, three nieces and a nephew died a year ago in a Maryland house fire.

» Sounding-off About Saving Lives

Sounding-off About Saving Lives

Currently, only Maryland and California have state-wide sprinkler mandates in new one and two-family homes. But a bill introduced in Maryland to repeal the law in 2016 may gain traction. If passed, other states could refrain from enacting sprinkler laws.