After the Fire Podcast – Episode 8

After the Fire Podcast

June 17, 2001
FDNY Father’s Day Fire
Astoria, Queens (NY)

Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, and 15

On Sunday, June 17, 2001, which was Father’s Day, a routine fire call in a hardware store/taxpayer structure of Astoria, Queens, erupted into a 5-alarm fire that claimed the lives of three FDNY members – Lieutenant John Downing, Firefighter Brian Fahey, and Firefighter Harry Ford. This incident also hurt numerous others with nearly a dozen career-ending injuries.

Twenty years later, we honor and remember Lieutenant Downing, Firefighter Fahey, and Firefighter Ford and realize the lasting impact of their sacrifice on FDNY and the fire industry as a whole. We’ll hear the perspectives of the people directly related to the incident investigation and FDNY’s evolution from this incident, and to glean lessons learned and sage advice from those so deeply impacted by this unfortunate incident.

Joining After The Fire host Jon Nelson and NFFF Director of Fire Service Programs John Tippett are Chief of the FDNY Fire Academy, Frank Leeb; FDNY Chief of Safety, Michael Meyers; FDNY Chief of Fire Prevention, Joe Jardin; Retired FDNY Deputy Chief and Investigative Chief of this incident, Jon Malkin; Retired FDNY Assistant Chief, Stephen Raynis; Retired FDNY Firefighter from Rescue 4, John Gaine.

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