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Firefighter Acceptability of COVID‐19 Vaccine Timing Study (FACTS)

The University of Miami Health System and the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine are looking for 200 firefighters to complete a brief anonymous survey to share their thoughts on the COVID‐19 vaccine. The FACTS survey is completed online.

What we hope to learn:

  • Volunteer and career firefighters’ thoughts on the COVID‐19 vaccine.
  • How many firefighters would be interested in accepting the vaccine.
  • Factors that support the uptake of the COVID‐19 vaccine when it becomes available.

FACTS participants will:

  • Participate in a one‐time anonymous web‐based survey to provide their thoughts.

Participants will receive:

  • A summary of the survey results when the study is completed.

Ready to Take the Survey?

If you have questions, please contact the University of Miami Research Team, Mr. Carlos Silvera at 305‐243‐7565 or by E-mail [email protected].