Everyone Goes Home® Speak Up – Lt. Dustin Dunn, Gallatin (TN) Fire Department

Lt. Dunn speaks to new firefighters about the importance of attitude. He asks them to think about how they would like to be regarded by their peers and eventually how they would like to be remembered when they eventually retire. He urges them not be the firefighter on the couch, but to be starting and leading drills. He charges them to always be early, be ready to lead, inspect equipment to ensure readiness, and be ready to go when summoned. “Attitude,” he says, “is very important and should be a bigger priority.”

“Attitude is a huge part of everything we do, from how we train, to how we prepare for calls, how we check off our rigs. Attitude is very important and should really be thoroughly be looked at within our departments and our fire service in general.” – Dustin Dunn