Everyone Goes Home® Speak Up – Chief Robert Fling (Ret.), Dix Hills (NY) Fire Department

“It is time for a cultural change [in the fire service].” So begins an impassioned Chief Fling as he urges all fire departments and their firefighters to be much more cognizant of the modifiable risks associated with firefighting. Chief Fling notes the many simple interventions firefighters can take to combat unhealthy choices and to protect themselves from exposures to toxins. From diet to smoke exposure, to the many carcinogens at the fireground, he believes, based on research, a commitment to decontamination awareness and action is vitally important. Decon is so important, “…it’s our health that’s in jeopardy, it’s our families reliance on us, and it’s up to us to take care of the brotherhood, as well as to take care of our families’ and to start taking this seriously.”

“It’s not just the fire that puts us at risk.” – Robert Fling