Everyone Goes Home® Speak Up – Deputy Fire Chief Steve Przibowski, Santa Clara County Fire Department

Firefighter Life Safety Initiative #4 calls for empowering all firefighters to speak up to stop unsafe operations. This initiative has proven to be more controversial than anyone could have predicted. Deputy Chief Przibowski notes that the fire academies do an excellent job preparing new firefighters to speak up if they see or hear something they believe to be unsafe. Unfortunately, once recruits join an established crew, they are, all too often, discouraged from speaking up. In this Everyone Goes Home® Speak Up segment, Deputy Chief Przibowski urges all fire officers to take Firefighter Life Safety Initiative 4 seriously, to ensure it is honored, drilled on often, and in effect at every incident.

“The key is, hopefully as a good fire officer in today’s world, you’re open to listening to everybody, not just your senior firefighters but also your junior ones.” – Steve Przibowski