Everyone Goes Home® Speak Up – Paul Melfi, State Fire Instructor, New York State Office of Prevention & Control

Fire Instructor Melfi’s life was changed in 2002 when he attended the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend to honor a close friend who had died in the line-of-duty. Instructor Melfi, also the father of a firefighter, is acutely aware of the risks associated with the profession both he and his son have chosen. He urges all firefighters to cherish time with their families and talk to other firefighters to learn as much as possible. Instructor Melfi goes on to ask seasoned veterans to work with new firefighters and impart sound advice regarding safety—so everyone has the best chance of going home.

“I went to my first Memorial Service in 2002, realizing that if you’ve never been to a Memorial Service at the National Fire Academy, that changes your life.” – Paul Melfi