Everyone Goes Home® Speak Up – Rich Marinucci, Executive Director, Fire Department Safety Officers Association

Chief Rich Marinucci, Executive Director of the FDSOA, speaks on the importance of on-scene incident safety officers and health & safety officers who manage wellness programs in in their departments. He identifies three mindsets of firefighters – complacency, competence and cockiness — which need to be countered by on-scene and management safety officers to promote “round trip tickets” for everyone in the crew. Of the three, complacency, can lead to a lack of awareness and focus which, in turn, can lead to line-of-duty injuries and deaths that are preventable. Chief Marinucci emphasizes the safety officer’s job is largely one of keeping firefighters focused and aware.

“Part of the role of role of the safety officer is to make sure that people are staying as focused as possible throughout their entire career, so they don’t get complacent.” – Rich Marinucci