Send the Everyone Goes Home® Program Your SOPs


It is not unusual for firefighters to respond to violent incidents and being prepared in advance is essential for the safety of everyone involved. Does your department have SOPs on handling violent incidents?

The incidence of cancer diagnosis among firefighters in on the rise. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to help prevent exposures. Does your department have SOPs on Cancer Risk Reduction?

Depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide can affect anyone – even firefighters. FLSI 13 states that all firefighters and their families must have access to counseling and psychological support. Does your department have SOPs for handling mental health issues?

The Everyone Goes Home® Program collecting information about SOPs on the following topics to highlight best practices. What are your department’s SOPs for:
• Cancer Reduction
• Violent Incidents
• Mental Health
• Response Policies

If you have information to share on these, or any other relevant topics facing today’s fire service, please email them to [email protected].