2018 Firefighter Safety Stand Down Bulletin

Developed and Supported by the Valley Safety Officers and Regional Operations Consistency Committee

The theme of the 2018 Firefighter Safety Stand Down is “Be Aware – Get Checked”. The Stand Down is scheduled to occur June 17-23 and will highlight the importance of responders taking care of themselves both at and away from the emergency incident scene.

Although Safety, Health and Survival should be a main focus for all of us every day, this week gives us an opportunity to review some important materials and discuss how we will continue to strive to improve in these areas. The Valley Safety Officers, a sub-committee of the Regional Operations Consistency Committee (ROCC), with membership from all auto-aid partners throughout the Phoenix (AZ) Metropolitan Area, have selected Rehab as their main topic of focus in support of the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiative’s Initiative 1 – Cultural Change. This review will cover the following items:

To download or view the entire 2018 Valley Safety Officers Safety Stand Down Bulletin, click here.