Take the International First Responder Seatbelt Pledge

In 2006, the National Fire Service Seatbelt Pledge was created, after the tragic death of Firefighter Brian Hutton who died after falling from his fire truck on the way to a call. Dr. Burton Clark, a distinguished member of the fire service and training specialist at the National Fire Academy, was compelled to challenge firefighters to improve their personal safety by wearing their seatbelts. With website and administrative support from TrainingDivision.com and Firehouse.com, the National Fire Service Seatbelt Pledge was introduced to the American Fire Service. This initiative is currently being managed by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s Everyone Goes Home® program.

For more information on the International First Responder Seatbelt Pledge, the Everyone Goes Home® program, or the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation please go to www.everyonegoeshome.com.


Seatbelt Pledge Compliant

*Award criteria: Platinum= over 100% I Gold= 90% to 100% I Silver= 80% to 89% I Bronze= 70% to 79%
Name of Department, Class or Person
Pledge Administrator

Westerville Division of Fire
Westerville 112-2 Unit
Rick Best
Westerville, OH
Amarillo Fire Department
Amarillo Fire Department
Wesley Hall
Amarillo, TX
New Jersey Forest Fire Service
New Jersey Forest Fire Service – Division A
Eric Weber
Andover, NJ
Palm Harbor Fire Rescue
Palm Harbor Fire Rescue Seat Belt Pledge 2017
Jason Haynes
Palm Harbor, FL
City of Mt Morris Fire Department
City of Mt Morris Fire Department 9/12/17
Michael Vogt
Mt. Morris, MI
Mount Horeb Fire Department
Mount Horeb Fire Department Seatbelt Pledge
Jenny Minter
Mount Horeb, WI
Williston Fire Department
Williston Fire Department Seatbelt Pledge
Robert Kiser
Williston, ND
Plumas Eureka Fire Department
Plumas Eureka Fire Department 2017
Tom Forster
Blairsden, CA
Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
Wise Ave Volunteer Fire Company
Adam Polomski
Dundalk, MD


Seatbelt Success Story

“This year as part of our annual wildland fire safety refresher training (RT-130) we decided to discuss seatbelt use and safety as a module; particularly because of motor vehicle accidents being the number two cause of line of duty deaths for firefighters. As an addition, we decided to sign the Seatbelt Pledge as a group. As of today, 246 members of our crew, the New Jersey Forest Fire Service – Division A (North Region) have signed the pledge which exemplifies the level of commitment for safety of our crew operating in the field.”

This story was provided by Section Forest Firewarden Eric Weber from the New Jersey Forest Fire Service.