Apply to Be an Everyone Goes Home® Advocate

What is an Everyone Goes Home® Advocate?

Advocates will be expected to represent their state in the promotion, presentation, and awareness of Firefighters Life Safety Initiatives. They will serve as the eyes and ears of the Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Program for their state.

What it means to be an advocate

“For me, being an Advocate, it is the highest calling a firefighter can have. Our mission is to protect those who protect America. A successful Advocate must lead by example and have an intense desire to make a difference in the life of other firefighters and their families.”

“As an advocate for the Everyone Goes Home® program I feel it is my responsibility to supply the leaders of all ranks the information they need to discover within themselves what it takes to make the cultural change and to ensure the reduction of LODDs. We must strive to live these ideals ourselves every day.”


  • Monitor and review programs presented within your region that are relative to Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives.
  • Attend, represent, or arrange to have a designate attend or participate in activities, events, programs, and training where there is an opportunity to promote Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives or assist in their implementation.
  • Develop a reporting and sharing plan between you and the State/Local Advocates as well as with the Firefighter Life Safety Initiative Program team.
  • Share with the Firefighter Life Safety Initiative Program team awareness and knowledge of activity within your region.
  • Keep abreast of new developments and trends; make recommendation to Firefighter Life Safety Initiative Program team on desirable additions or suggested changes to enhance program and/or process.
  • Participate in periodic teleconferences with regional representatives.
  • Identify and report on best practices within your state.
  • Submit stories or provide input for the newsletter. Make recommendations for Seal of Excellence recipients.

How do I become an advocate?