Over 25,000 Users on the Firehero Learning Network


The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s major initiative to prevent firefighter line-of-duty deaths and injuries is known as the Everyone Goes Home® program. In support of the program the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) developed the Firehero Learning Network, the official online training program that allows the fire service to receive free online training. All the programs are designed to reduce line-of-duty deaths and injuries or prepare a department for the worst case scenario, when one of our own dies in the line of duty.

We are proud that there are over 25,000 users on the Fireherolearningnetwork.com. We dedicate all our training programs to those who have been honored at the National Memorial, in Emmitsburg, and their families. We continue to vow to never forget, we remember the sacrifices by learning the hard lessons and working to prevent LODD’s. Do your part and become a Firehero Learning Network member, and make sure you, your partner and your crew…for that matter, make sure Everyone Goes Home®.

Learn More: www.fireherolearningnetwork.com