Penn Forest Firefighters Know the Power of Personal Safety

What started out as a routine response for a vehicle crash with possible entrapment on Sunday, January 18, 2015 quickly became an example of the critical role seatbelts play for everyone.

Crews from the Penn Forest (PA) Fire Companies, Stations #1 and #2, were headed toward the crash scene. The Chief from Station #1 was the first to arrive and reported their units could handle the call and Rescue 1255 and Engine 1215 from Station #2 could return to service.



At this time, the Engine spun out, slid up an embankment causing severe damage to the undercarriage, was launched into the air and struck a tree. The passenger-side A-Post crumpled into the Engine, only inches from the passenger and equipment was tossed around.

Hearing the instructions to return to service, the crew from Rescue 1255 went to assist the Engine, not knowing what they would find. As the pulled up to the scene they found the firefighters already out of the Engine with only minor injuries that didn’t require medical attention.

“If the firefighters did not have their seatbelts on, there would have been much more serious injuries to both of them. This is why we strongly recommend the use of seatbelts no matter the situation,” said Chief David Vukvoic.

We all know that arriving to an incident quickly is part of our job. But it’s far more important that we arrive safely. Remember to buckle up every time wheels roll.