Are You Ready to Play by the Rules?

2012 Safety and Health Week Begins June 17

2012 International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week - June 17-23

Fire departments across North America and beyond are preparing for the 2012 International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week, June 17-23, featuring the Rules You Can Live By in both firefighter health and safety. Are you ready?

The International Association of Fire Chiefs, the National Volunteer Fire Council and more than 20 partner organizations are encouraging fire departments to suspend all non-emergency activity during Safety and Health Week to focus on safety and health training and education allowing all shifts and personnel to participate. An entire week is provided to ensure each shift and duty crew can spend at least one day focusing on these critical issues.

“Firefighter survival begins at an individual level,” said IAFC President Al Gillespie. “In this job, there will always be factors we can’t control; all the more reason for each of us – from the newest recruit to the most seasoned chief – to make a personal commitment to control the factors we can. Participating in Safety and Health Week demonstrates to our members that the department is going to provide them with the tools and support they need to do that.”

2012 Safety and Health Week Begins June 17

The International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week website has an ever-growing list of resources and events to support your activities. In addition, the IAFC, NVFC and other partners have more resources, like the following, you may want to check out.

IAFC On Scene: Lessons Learned for Safety and Health
The May 15 issue of IAFC On Scene featured a safety and health theme that provides additional information and perspective on the issues you’ll be discussing during Safety and Health Week.

Additionally, the Rules of Engagement are featured in a monthly column in IAFC On Scene. The most recent article, June’s Rules of Engagement for Incident Commanders: Consider a Defensive Strategy provides a link to each previously published column.

NVFC Webinars
NVFC is offering two free webinars during Safety and Health Week in addition to a number of on-demand offerings. Check out the Event Planning resources online.

Safety and Health Week Video Contest
Thanks to all who entered this NFPA-sponsored event! View the finalists and vote online through June 11. Check back on June 12 to see if your choice is the winner!

Exercise and Reduce Stress at Six Flags
Select Six Flags theme parks are offering reduced admission to select parks for first responders during Safety and Health Week (dates vary by park). Plan ahead to spend the day walking the park and relaxing with family and friends.

One More Thing: Share Your Success
Don’t just check the box; be sure to share your lessons learned, success stories and ideas.