NFFF and FDNY Partner on New Firefighter Video

Still Working...So Everyone Goes Home Shows Safety Is Essential

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) in partnership with the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) today released a new video that emphasizes the importance of personal safety and accountability to help reduce line-of-duty deaths and injuries. Through interviews with department members, Still Working…So Everyone Goes Home examines the changes and advancements the FDNY has implemented since September 11, 2001 and how these accomplishments tie into the NFFF’s 16 Life Safety initiatives.

Still Working…So Everyone Goes Home is a follow-up to a video produced by the NFFF and FDNY in 2007 to educate members about the importance of proper training and following protocol. That video was well-received within the department and across the nation by the fire service.

In 2011, senior staff and officers of the FDNY met with representatives of NFFF, along with director Rob Maloney of Coolwater Multimedia, to discuss making a second video. The group chose not to make a “part two” but instead decided to tell the story of the FDNY’s intentional and focused effort to help improve its mission so that Everyone Goes Home®.

“Everyone has a role in safety,” said FDNY Chief Edward Kilduff. “…and this video will drive home what it means to operate safely.”

The NFFF and the FDNY viewed this collaborative effort and other partnerships towards firefighter safety as essential to spreading the message of doing the job effectively and aggressively while reducing the risk of preventable injuries and death.

“Our duty is to protect the lives of the public. That is what they expect and that is what they deserve from us, but we need to do it safer,” explained Chief Stephen Raynis, FDNY’s chief of safety who was part of the production team.

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