Raleigh/Seattle Accident Prevention Video Urges Departments to Wear Seatbelts

Raleigh/Seattle Accident Prevention

Thank you for your interest in the DVD “Raleigh/Seattle Accident Prevention”. This video was produced by the Seattle Fire Department Training Division in 2011 as a collaborative effort with the Raleigh Fire Department.

The video describes the real life experiences of four Raleigh Firefighters who experienced a “close call” while responding to a fire incident; what they learned from the incident and how it changed their training. The Raleigh Fire Department has granted permission for this DVD to be distributed as a teaching tool with the hope that it will prevent injury or death to firefighters throughout the fire service.

We would like to thank the Raleigh Fire Department for their participation in this shared effort to produce such a powerful training video.

This video is also available for download and use as an educational tool.

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