Mississippi Names State Advocate for Everyone Goes Home® Program

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Life Safety Initiatives Program, is pleased to announce that Lisa Valadie has been selected as the Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Program State Advocate for Mississippi. Lisa Valadie of Madison Fire Department will be the first Mississippi State Advocate.

On March 10 – 11, 2004 hundreds of fire service leaders attended a Summit hosted by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in Tampa, Florida. Their collective goal was to come up with an approach that would enable fire departments to achieve the goal set by the United States Fire Administration, of reducing firefighter line of duty deaths by 50% in 10 years. The Summit produced a unique consensus document that became known as the “16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives” or the blueprint to eliminating preventable firefighter line of duty injuries and deaths.

The Foundation applied for and received a Department of Homeland Security Fire Safety and Prevention Grant to fund the Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Program. The primary mission of this program is to work in conjunction with all other national fire service organizations to make every fire department in United States aware of the “blueprint” developed in Tampa, and to provide resources to enable departments to implement them.

In this position Lisa Valadie, along with the Region 4 Life Safety Initiatives Team, will be working to ensure that fire departments in Mississippi are aware of the initiatives and assist them in implementation strategies. Lisa and her fire service professionals, will be the ears and eyes for the national program supporting the mission of eliminating preventable line of duty injuries and deaths through the sharing and implementation of best practices and training programs.

Lisa Valadie is a strong believer in driving change through example. She practices safety both on and off the job, and she has a strong desire to instill this practice in the new recruits. As Mississippi’s first State Advocate, Lisa also plans to educate fire departments on the dangers of not wearing seat belts, and get both paid and volunteer fire departments to sign the Seat Belt Pledge. The Life Safety Initiatives Team is pleased to welcome Lisa Valadie to the program.

About the Everyone Goes Home® Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Program
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