Firefighter Health, Safety and Survival Online Database Launched

The Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Program is pleased to announce the launch of the Life Safety Initiatives Research Database. For the first time, anyone interested in researching firefighter safety & survival (and other allied fields) will have a comprehensive on-line database as a resource. The database was created to help support the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives, especially Initiative 7 which states “Create a data collection system that relates to the Initiatives.” Thousands of sources are included: fire safety reports, published academic studies, professional journals and government reports. The database is searchable by using topics or keywords. The goal was to create an FLSI Database through which the user may obtain one-click access to the source material or abstract. Currently, more than 80 percent of the database entries conform to this one-click approach.

The online database for firefighter safety is a tremendous resource for the fire service and all researchers who are interested in documenting trends in firefighter health and safety. Researchers are encouraged to send additional source material citations to: [email protected]

The database can be accessed at