Stress First Aid

Stress First Aid is designed to reduce the risk for stress reactions in fire and rescue personnel.stress-first-aid1

It recognizes quickly those individuals who are reacting to a wide range of stressors in their work and personal lives, and are in need of interventions to promote healing. SFA offers a spectrum of one-on-one or group interventions to ensure safety, reduce the risk for more severe stress reactions and to promote recovery. SFA monitors the progress of recovery to ensure return to full function and well-being. SFA bridges individuals to higher levels of care as needed. SFA training discusses the principles of peer teams in the fire service and how they can be organized to promote healing. This part of the new model for Firefighter Behavioral Health may be the most important as fire departments adapt to new ways of supporting firefighters. Initially, all training will be delivered by an NFFF Behavioral Health specialist in a classroom setting, and will be widely available on a regional basis.

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