East Hartford Fire Department Issues Second Hood and Wash-Your-Hood-Sunday Program

– The recent installation of a washing machine and dryer at each fire station enables the department to improve our efforts to keep you well and safe. As you are well aware, recent studies have begun... READ

Share your fascinating stories for a new book, American Firefighter

– The NFFF is collecting short biographies to be published in its new book, American Firefighter. We will interview these people, write their stories and send a fantastic photographer to capture them in all their uniqueness! READ

Getting to the heart of the matter: Understanding cardiovascular research and firefighter health

– The number one reason why firefighters die in the line-of-duty is due to a heart attack. The fire service wants this to change. READ

NFFF New Goals: Transportation Trauma

– The inside of a burning building is not the most dangerous location for firefighters. If you’re familiar with statistics about firefighter deaths and injuries, you will recognize a more dangerous location is the road.  READ


New Program Launched to Promote Community Involvement in Fire Safety

– Chief Ron Siarnicki joined other Fire Service leaders for the launch of a new campaign by Kidde Fire Safety with country music star Craig Morgan, and special guest Kix Brooks to recognize volunteer firefighters.  READ

Boston fire commissioner & union president talk about cancer video

– In May of this year (2015) the Boston Fire Department released a video about the impact of cancer on Boston firefighters and their families. During the Fire Service Occupational Cancer Alliance Meeting in Northern Virginia, Fire Commissioner Joe Finn and Local 718 president Richard Paris talked with NFFFTV about the impact of the video. READ


A young firefighter’s story about cancer

– Kyle Jameson saw his doctor for a routine physical. The lymphoma they detected took everyone by surprise. It’s not typical of healthy young men. They soon realized it was due to the exposure to multiple toxins from fighting fires. Watch this video to hear his story. READ

The Human Element: Revisiting the Lessons of the Esperanza Fire

– Staff rides date back to the 1800s, when military leaders began taking soldiers on tours of places where significant battles or military actions were likely to occur. Later, the staff ride evolved to involve visiting places where battles or campaigns had occurred, and it has since become a key training tool in the military and now public safety. READ

NFFF New Goals Campaign: Wildland Firefighting

– From the October issue of Firehouse® Magazine By Chief Ronald J. Siarnicki Our hearts were heavy this past August when three wildland firefighters were killed battling the Twisp River Fire in... READ

Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act Is Filed in 114th Congress

– On September 22nd, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Sen. Tom Carper (D-Delaware) filed S. 2068 and Rep. Tom Reed (R- New York) and Rep. Jim Langevin (D-Rhode Island) introduced H.R. 3591, the companion house legislation to encourage building owners to invest in life-saving fire safety upgrades. READ