Fire Service-Based EMS Advocates Recognize National EMS Week

– Sunday May 15, 2016 marks the beginning of National EMS Week and presents an opportunity to honor the men and women who deliver pre-hospital 9-1-1 emergency medical care throughout the United States. READ

Balance Firefighting and Family

– A 24-7 COMMITMENT lifestyle means that you can balance a dream career like firefighting without sacrificing family. And so can your spouse. We’re going to help you determine what actions... READ

Senator Paul S. Sarbanes Fire Service Safety Leadership Award To Be Presented To The Fire Department Safety Officers Association

– The award will be presented at the 28th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner on May 5, 2016 in Washington, DC.  READ


Personal safety is just a click away

– To help encourage more individuals and departments to use their seatbelts at all times, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) has revamped the International First Responder Seatbelt Pledge website, making it easier than ever to use.  READ


The Silent Killer: Firefighter Cancer

– You’ve heard the advice from experts about preventing cancer: Put your face mask on when you’re going into a fire and keep it on during overhaul. Wash your hood and your turn-out gear after an incident. Shower when you return to the station. Do you do these things or do you keep your gear salty and give in to peer-pressure? READ

Help us save Maryland lives! NOW!

– Some Maryland lawmakers want to gut the state’s mandatory residential sprinkler law. It’s an enormous step backwards that will cost lives. As firefighters, we need to let the delegates and senators know what we know about sprinklers. They need to understand that a vote for House Bill 19 means people will be injured and die in homes that should have been sprinklered. Watch this video and listen to the message from Sher Grogg, whose brother, sister-in-law, three nieces and a nephew died a year ago in a Maryland house fire.
» Sounding-off About Saving Lives READ


FDSOA Certifies Phoenix as Regional Training Center

– During its annual Safety Forum in Scottsdale, Ariz., last month, the Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA) announced the Phoenix Fire Department is an Official Regional Training and Certification Center for Incident Safety Officers within the Phoenix Regional Automatic Aid System. READ

2015 National Fire Service Research Agenda Released

– There are many critical health and safety issues that need to be addressed in the fire service, but limited resources make this an ongoing challenge. To help prioritize the topics that deserve new and continued examination, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation hosted representatives of the fire service and research communities for the 2015 National Fire Service Research Symposium.  READ


Sounding-off About Saving Lives

– Currently, only Maryland and California have state-wide sprinkler mandates in new one and two-family homes. But a bill introduced in Maryland to repeal the law in 2016 may gain traction. If passed, other states could refrain from enacting sprinkler laws.  READ


The shortest route to fewer firefighter deaths is through the heart

– Recently, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation hosted “Heart to Heart,” a two-day conference that brought together leading researchers in the area of firefighter health and fitness, fire service leaders, physicians and advocates to discuss strategies for helping firefighters embrace a healthier lifestyle. The goal is to lose fewer firefighters each year due to heart attacks. READ